One Roof Community Centre – Custodian (part-time)

Deadline to apply is Monday, April 22 at 5:00 PM. Please state availability to interview from April 22 to 26; email applications to and; A cover letter explaining why you are a good fit, and a CV, are mandatory in order to be considered.

Warming Room Community Ministries – St. John’s Anglican Church – Peterborough

Ministry Position Title

Custodian, One Roof Community Centre

Term of Office

Part-Time, Indefinite

Supervision and Support

This position reports to the One Roof Community Centre Program Coordinator and Operations Coordinator – Warming Room Community Ministries.

Purpose of the position:

The Custodian’s role is to keep the premises at One Roof Community Centre clean and to keep consumable supplies replenished. The Custodian will also maintain the cleanliness of Warming Room Community Ministries’ office location. The Custodian will advise the Program Coordinator of needed repairs and supplies.

Duties & Responsibilities at One Roof

  • Sweep and mop dining room floor daily;
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floor daily;
  • Sweep and mop office, pantry and lounge floors daily;
  • Sweep and mop entryways and hallways daily;
  • Sweep and mop washroom floors daily;
  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces in washrooms (mirrors, vanities and toilets) daily
  • Sweep and mop stairs as required;
  • Clean glass in doors and entryway as required;
  • Maintaining mats as required;
  • Replenish toilet paper, paper towel, hand soap and hand sanitizer supplies as required;
  • Minimize loose garbage in premises, including parking lot;
  • Organize, contain and put out garbage and recycling as required;
  • Advise Program Coordinator of needed repairs and supplies.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Duties & Responsibilities at Office

  • Sweep floors floors in entry, hallway, meetings rooms, kitchen and washroom weekly and wash as required
  • Ensure that garbage and recycling is taken out weekly

Skills, Experience and Qualities Required

  • A commitment to cleanliness and safety;
  • Good organizational and time management skills;
  • Familiarity with cleaning products and equipment;
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • A continued striving to embody the values of the Warming Room.
  • An ability to communicate well with people.
  • The ability to set and maintain personal and professional boundaries.
  • The ability to work independently and to take initiative
  • WHMIS certification
  • Ability to and experience performing minor repairs would be considered an asset

Working Conditions

  • Exposure to many hazards e.g., infection, violence, harsh weather conditions, bed bugs, mould, blood, excrement, working alone, sharps, slips trips and falls, uncontrolled substances and other.
  • It is important that the employee be able to identify hazards, have the knowledge and training to handle any situation.

Support, Supervision and Evaluation

  • This position will report to the Operations Coordinator – Warming Room Community Ministries and Program Coordinator – One Roof Community Centre
  • You’ll meet with the Operations Coordinator as required; performance evaluation will take place

Limits of the position

  • Comply with the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith Policy, Diocese of Toronto’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and must clear enhanced record check.
  • Comply with all policies governing confidentiality.

Terms of work/service

  • Three (3) month probationary period
  • Annual performance evaluation
  • Cleaning is required six (6) days per week: Sunday to Friday (not Saturdays)
  • Cleaning at One Roof may be performed in the morning or evening as arranged with Operations Coordinator
  • If in the morning, cleaning at One Roof must be completed by 9:30 a.m.
  • If in the evening, cleaning at One Roof must start no earlier than 8:00 p.m.
  • Two and one-half (2.5) hours per day at One Roof
  • One (1) hour weekly at Office location
  • TOTAL of 16 hours weekly
  • $17.50 per hour
  • Two (2) weeks paid vacation per calendar year
  • Three (3) paid sick days per calendar year

Training provided

  • In-Service training (ongoing as needed)
  • Diocesan Sexual Misconduct training

Position Risk Assessment


Benefits & Opportunities

  • To be a part of making a difference for marginalized people in Peterborough.

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