Job Description – Outreach Supervisor (Temporary) (Two Positions)

Warming Room Community Ministries

To apply, send a cover letter and your CV to and by April 22th at 5:00 PM.


The mission of Warming Room Community Ministries (WRCM) is to nurture a community that challenges homelessness, food insecurity, and social exclusion in the City of Peterborough by responding to immediate needs, breaking down barriers amongst us and advocating for systemic change.

Acknowledging our mission, our staff are a kind, thoughtful, and eclectic team that are intentional in pursuing a vision for a more just world. This is emotionally challenging work. WRCM requires individuals who bring their whole selves to this hard and rewarding role.


The Outreach Supervisors will support marginalized individuals in their engagement with an inclusive downtown community, and in access to supports and services available to them.  Outreach Supervisors will build relationships amongst local businesses, marginalized individuals and general public to support and contribute to health, safe and inclusive relationships and interactions while attempting to bridge gaps and dissolve barriers between them. Outreach Supervisors will be the initial contact for local businesses if they have concerns regarding individuals with mental health, addictions or other situations with which they require support but do not require emergency services.


  • Report to the WRCM Director and designated Lead Team Coordinator.
  • Support DBIA members by responding to outreach needs in the community, mitigating the need for Police response where and if safely possible.
  • Manage communications with DBIA members: distribute One City handout to businesses that describes all possible supports and referrals that can be made; regularly checking in about needs and priorities, with the goal being to create a relational approach support network for downtown businesses to address concerns regarding marginalized people in crisis situations.
  • Maintain physical presence in DBIA geographic territory while being quickly responsive to needs within geographic territory of project during hours (whether on foot or by bicycle).
  • Safely collect discarded sharps and similar supplies if found and document.
  • Make necessary referrals to local resources and supports in the area housing and shelter; meals; community programs; healthcare and social services; etc.
  • Bolster collaboration and working relationships with local agencies and service providers including and not limited to PARN, 360 Clinic, Social Services, Fourcast, EPC.
  • Maintain communication and collaboration with existing WRCM programs and services: One Roof, Warming Room, and HOME.  Time spent checking in at One Roof will be essential.
  • Document interactions and referrals made with community members utilizing SUMAC; supporting and collaborating with set WRCM care plans of specific community members.
  • Assist in other duties as needed.


  • Comply with the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith Policy, Diocese of Toronto’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and must clear CPIC check.
  • Comply with all policies governing confidentiality.


  • Familiarity with downtown Peterborough to extent of being able to provide info to the public.
  • Familiarity with services and supports available to marginalized people.
  • Ability to multi-task and juggle variety of demands in unstructured environment.
  • Experience and/or training in working with both marginalized people and the business sector.
  • Calm, approachable, respectful, responsive and friendly demeanour when dealing with public.
  • A compassionate outlook and caring disposition.
  • Strong interpersonal and listening skills, ability to build relationships with variety of people.
  • The ability to set and maintain personal and professional boundaries.
  • The ability to take initiative as well as work in a team environment.
  • Ability to hold self out as representative of Warming Room Community Ministries in public.
  • A general knowledge of systemic causes and issues around homelessness and social exclusion.
  • A growing understanding of addictions, and harm reduction approaches.
  • A general understanding and training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.


  • Exposure to many hazards e.g., infection, violence, harsh weather conditions, bed bugs, mould, blood, excrement, working alone, slips trips and falls, uncontrolled substances and other.
  • It is important that the employee be able to identify hazards, have the knowledge and training to handle any situation.
  • WRCM programs are busy environments that can be frequently noisy and interruptive. Requires excellent organizational, time and stress management skills to complete the required tasks.


This is a temporary position for four months from May 3rd, 2019 to August 27, 2019. Outreach Supervisors will sign an employment agreement with Warming Room Community Ministries (subset of St. John’s Anglican Church). Outreach Supervisors will work 30 hours weekly in a suggested format:  

Staff A11-411-411-411-49-225hrs
Staff B2-72-72-72-79-225hrs

In addition to collectively covering the above, each staff person will be paid an additional one (1) hour per day, for total of 30 hours weekly. This additional hour daily will provide opportunity for planning before and after shifts, coordination of priorities, joining program meetings, etc.  


  • To be a part of making a difference for marginalized people in Peterborough
  • To be a part of changing the conversation around poverty in Peterborough.
  • To contribute to the development of an inclusive community in Peterborough.
  • To contribute to the increasing cleanliness and perceived safety in Peterborough.
  • To be a park of the greater WRCM team and our support for one another in this work.


  • WRCM Supervisor rate of $18.50 per hour plus vacation pay and 3 paid sick days.

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