Well, this is it. I’m done. Today is the last day I will be working the Warming Room for the season. I am so thankful for those who allowed me the privilege to serve, for Niki and Christine who encouraged me to step up and do it..But most of all I’m thankful to the homeless who accepted me into their community.

Truly I learned more about Christianity in the past months than I have in years of bible study and “traditional” ways. “Doing church” has changed for me to spending some time out in the community interacting. This past season I tried to offer love and acceptance in a different way and out of my comfort zone. I shared Christ in a bar with a crack addict, I had the most frank talks about Jesus than I have in months. I swallowed hard and did coffee at  Tim’s with a transsexual. I’ve done meals out with people that I just used to look away from. I shared more testimony than I have in years, and yes, I was honest about lots of stuff that I don’t share easily. A few times I put myself in harm’s way to ensure the safely of others. I’ve been sworn at, cursed to hell, threatened and was mighty scared. The other day though it struck me,. That’s how it should be, most of the cool stuff Jesus did wasn’t in the synagogue but out and about.


I’ve been living is this nice warm safe comfortable “Christian” place the past years. If we are not out there in the real world how will they ever know about the hope that lies in us? We are the only Jesus most will ever see. Trust me, most non-Christians will never set foot in a church. If we are not out there how will they ever know they how much He loves them?

I’m always amazed how when I remove focus from myself to others God can use me. Even me with all the junk I still am working on. I realize that I will never be fully qualified or holy enough to be worthy to do some of this stuff, thankfully He gives us all we need to serve. How much have I changed the homeless world? Very little I’m afraid, but God has been changing me.

Paul H.