every year it’s the same thing
christmas comes in early november
no one is prepared
so with guilt being impoverished
we buy
now, I’m currently on a disability pension
and a strange phenomenon occurs
at the same time
the december first cheque
gets spent quicker than most
it’s in knowing
that the january cheque
comes only three weeks later
a seventy-five percent december
a cruel time, living like kings
regret eats away
in tiny nibbles
so instead of taking care yourself
you now buy gifts for everyone else
a christmas sickness
by being paid early
it’s a cruel january
lack of food
not even money for coffee
resources exhausted
the helping hands tired and sore
everyday is a prison
and all the rush from the holidays
is over
blood flow slows
damage reports flood in
pulling the trigger
on an empty gun in a time of peace
at least it’s quiet
winter cold
and silent

-Kip Gordon